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Waste Disposal Vaughan, CA

The disposal of residential, commercial, and industrial wastes must be handled only by qualified and licensed people. Even the typical waste materials in your home must be handled properly to avoid posing health risks to you and your family. These wastes may spread diseases, attract pests, and contaminate the surroundings. The volume of the waste materials is another reason why you should get the services of a waste disposal company. The latter can provide you with disposal bins that are capable of handling bulk waste materials.

A local firm that you can rely on for all your waste disposal concerns is Emco Disposal Services Ltd. Our company has been servicing the Greater Toronto area for several years now. Some of the areas we serve include Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Stouffville, Markham, East Gwillimbury, Brampton, Aurora, Mississauga, Pickering, Caledon, Oshawa, Ajax, Uxbridge, Whitby, and Clarington, Canada. We are the choice of many property owners in the areas we serve because of our prompt and quality service. We also offer them reasonable rates. Please call us at (416) 690-4311 to get more information about our professional waste disposal service.


There are different classifications of waste materials. Some of them are hazardous while others are ready for disposal in landfills. If you are not sure about their classification or you need help in segregating these waste materials, contact local authorities or recycling companies in your area. Emco Disposal Services Ltd. can also help you in this aspect. Just contact us so we can advise you on what to do with your wastes. Some of the materials that we can handle include rubbish wastes, concrete debris, excess masonry and aggregate materials, garden wastes, crushed concrete, demolished materials, and asphalt. Our waste disposal service is one of the best in GTA.


Property owners should follow the proper procedures when disposing hazardous waste materials. Mishandling them can result in water contamination and environmental pollution. If you have waste products in your home or commercial property that are classified as hazardous or toxic, always contact the right people or authority. They can help you transport these materials to recycling plants or designated waste disposal sites.

Here are some of the waste materials that require expert handling and proper disposal:

  • batteries
  • asbestos
  • chemicals
  • flammable items
  • gas and gas tanks
  • medical waste
  • oil drums and tanks
  • paint
  • tires
  • toxins
  • and other hazardous wastes


Waste disposal requires expertise and in-depth knowledge of the different types of waste materials. Companies that offer this kind of service should have proper training, specialized equipment, industrial-grade waste disposal bins, appropriate licenses, and required certifications. In short, you should hire a company with expertise in professional waste management.

If you consider us at Emco Disposal Services Ltd., we guarantee you that we have all the capabilities and the needed resources to properly dispose of all waste materials in your home or property. In fact, we have the ability to handle residential, commercial, and industrial wastes. Just let us know the kind and volume of garbage you want us to handle so we can send the right number and size of bins to your location. We will also pick up your rented bins on agreed schedule.


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