Emco Disposal provides professional waste management solutions across the greater Toronto and surrounding areas. You can rely on us to offer competitive pricing to our residential, commercial and industrial customers.

Acceptable items allowed in the disposal bins:

  • Attic, Basement, Garage and Shed Debris
  • Concrete, Rock and Gravel – broken from pathways, patios, driveways or flooring
  • Construction Debris – drywall, tiling, plywood, wall boards, floor boards, frames, windows, doors
  • Furniture – desks, filing cabinets, tables, dressers, mattresses, sofa beds, couches/sofas
  • Garbage – paper, cardboard, boxes, old books/magazines
  • Garden Debris – yard trimmings, hedge clippings, branches, trees, sod, dirt
  • Roofing Materials – shingles, trimmings
  • Scrap Metal
  • Wood – fencing, framing or deck debris, old lumber, firewood
  • Light fixture’s are accepted once ballast is removed
Rubbish & Waste Removal: we provide our clients with many bin options for the removal of rubbish and waste. Carrying out a clean up on your residential or commercial property can be a huge task, but having the size and type of yard bin or skip to dump your rubbish in can take a load off. Our trucks will drop off and pick up your bin when you are ready!

Construction Debris: at EMCO Disposal we can arrange to have a bin/skip dropped off at your site that will take your construction debris. Please look at our list of building materials that do not take. Talk to one of our friendly staff members for all the information you may need.

Concrete Waste: if you have some concrete waste that you need to get rid of and don’t know where to go, please contact us and we will provide you with a special bin that will take concrete waste.

Dirt/Clean Fill: it is really important that you remove your dirt/clean fill as soon as you can to prevent any fire hazard, erosion problems or even the possibility of your grass being killed off. Don’t let your dirt/clean fill sit around for weeks or months; contact us for the delivery of a bin today.

Asphalt: talk to the team at EMCO Disposal today for your asphalt removal and we will provide you with a range of bin sizes that can be dropped off and picked up at a suitable day and time for you. Asphalt is a recyclable material and be put to good use for other the manufacture of other products.
Demolition Services: we have the right type of trucks and equipment to get any demolition done in an efficient manner. We will be in and out before you know it. Let us take a bit of stress out of your construction project.
Excavation Services: why not leave your excavation requirements to a professional company like EMCO Disposal? We have all the experience and the know-how to do the job right and have your site cleared and ready for construction.

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