1. No mixing of any kind for dirt, concrete and asphalt

    Each dumping material needs an individual bin for dirt, concrete and asphalt. Any contaminating material must be removed by customer before bin is removed. If these items are found after the bin has been dumped, a contamination charge will be applied to the customer’s account.

  2. Bin’s are not allowed to be placed on any city street.

    It is the customer’s responsibility for applying for a city permit beforehand, the process for homeowner’s is between 1-3 days.

  3. EMCO Disposal is not liable for any damage during pick-up and delivery of disposal bins.

    The customer is recommended to be on-site during pick-up and delivery, unless specified before delivery and arrangements are made. We recommend residential customers provide plywood on driveway so not to damage it.

  4. The container must only be filled to the rim, under any circumstance.

    The customer will be charged extra fee if container overloaded and extra waste will be dumped on-site.

  5. We do not accept the following items in the disposal bins:

    • Asbestos
    • Batteries
    • Chemicals
    • Flammable Items
    • Gas
    • Gas Tanks
    • Hazardous Waste
    • Medical Waste
    • Oil
    • Oil Drums
    • Oil Tanks
    • Paint
    • Tires
    • Toxins
  6. All bins are COD upon receipt, unless customer’s have an approved Emco account. All accounts must be paid with 30 days or a 4% interest charge will be applied to any outstanding balance.

  7. Cancellations must be within 24 hours prior to delivery or pick-up, an additional charge will be applied if notice is not given.

  8. Waiting charge will be charged after the first half hour, a fee of $45.00 will be charged every half hour the driver is waiting and applied on the customer’s account.

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