Garbage Disposal



Garbage disposal is one of the common problems of homeowners and commercial property owners. Bulk wastes and hazardous materials require proper handling, special types of bins, and people with expertise in waste management. There are also local laws that must be followed when disposing these waste materials. As a property owner, you don’t want to worry about the requirements and processes. Your best option is to hire a company that can handle the tasks for you.

At Emco Disposal Services Ltd., we have complete resources and the capabilities to handle and dispose of any type of garbage. We have different sizes of bins that can handle tons of waste materials. The great thing about hiring us is that we follow systematic procedures and local laws when disposing your wastes. This means that the garbage will be removed and disposed of properly to avoid causing more harm to the environment. Our services have already been tested by a large number of residential and commercial clients in Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Stouffville, Markham, East Gwillimbury, Brampton, Aurora, Mississauga, Pickering, Caledon, Oshawa, Ajax, Uxbridge, Whitby, and Clarington, Canada. Please call us at (416) 690-4311 to get our garbage disposal services. We also encourage you to call us if your location is outside the Greater Toronto area.


If you will be hiring a garbage disposal company, make sure that it can handle all kinds of waste materials. You will be able to save time and avoid the hassle of getting another service provider just to dispose of the remaining wastes in your property. Hiring another company may also result in additional expenses on your part.

Your chosen company should be offering comprehensive garbage disposal services. It must have the ability to handle any of these waste materials:

  • Rubbish waste removal. Rubbish waste from your home or commercial property may include house and garage clearance, garden waste materials, and office or shop clearance.
  • Construction debris. The disposal of construction debris can be done during or after the completion of the construction, remodeling, or demolition project. The common construction waste materials include crushed concrete, aggregates, dirt, wood, metal, plastic, and other inert wastes.
  • Concrete waste. It is common to have excess concrete blocks, rocks, and other aggregates after completing a home improvement project. The disposal of these materials should be handled by your contractor. However, if the project is done in a DIY manner, you need to call a garbage disposal company to remove these waste materials from your property.
  • Dirt fill removal. Another bulk material that must be removed immediately from your landscape or property is dirt fill. It can pose safety risks to you and your family or may affect the grade of your landscape because of erosion.
  • Asphalt removal. Asphalt from residential and commercial properties usually comes from old asphalt driveway removal and roof shingles replacement. Disposing this material will not be a problem if your service provider also offers asphalt disposal services.


Garbage disposal is a specialized service that belongs to a very competitive industry. This is not only about handling bulky and hazardous waste materials but also dealing with the stiff competition within the industry. Some are offering below industry rates but may not provide excellent service. But here at Emco Disposal Services Ltd., we make sure that our services are top-quality and offered at competitive rates. Browse our site to see our standard rates or call us for a more detailed costing of our waste disposal services.


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