Apart from waste management solutions and garbage management, we at EMCO also provide affordable and reliable excavation services for all types of residential and commercial projects. Whether you’re a sub-contractor, a business owner, or a homeowner, we have the right services tailored to your excavating needs!

Backed by years of solid experience in providing unprecedented services to your daily needs, we can assure you that we can also provide a reliable excavation services. Our company is already a trusted excavation contractor in the Greater Toronto Area.


In order to give you only the best excavation services, we have in our team the best managers and operators who can efficiently work on your excavation project.

Our precision excavation teams are all trained and experienced in dealing with all types of excavation projects and waste disposal concerns. Additionally, we can work on simple drainage installation to more complex excavation jobs like building foundations. With the right excavation services team, we can definitely provide effective solution to your earth-moving needs.

We also strive to meet your expectations so we set our standards high in performing and providing excavation services. The members of our team are all properly trained in handling excavation equipment and are all certified heavy equipment operators. Moreover, we also own appropriate excavating tools and equipment that can help get the job done without you having to spend so much on equipment rental.


Aside from efficiency, our company also strictly adheres to workplace safety. There are times that other structures are present in the excavation site or installations that must be kept intact while performing the excavation. We ensure that these are protected through proper collaboration with on-site engineers and concerned property owners.

Our team is also experienced in excavating sites with existing underground pipes, electrical, and other utility connections. Only EMCO can safely perform excavation services without causing damage to your property or putting the life of others at risk.

Tell us what kind of excavation needs you have and we’ll gladly provide you the best workers to get your objective and business goals done.

Mini bins and compactors are available for special orders, please call us for more information


Excavation usually involves digging, grading, trenching, dredging, or simple site development work. Whatever type of excavation work that you need, our company can handle it. We have a complete set of excavation tools and equipment that can help us get all your excavation needs done.

An excavation project can’t be completed with efficiency without the use of appropriate tools and equipment; that’s why we have the right equipment for simple excavation projects like pool and drainage excavation.

But, don’t worry if your project requires the use of heavy equipment because we can also provide that. At EMCO, we see to it that we have all the necessary equipment for every possible excavation jobs so we can provide our excavation services whenever needed.

The use of the right equipment will also prevent untoward accidents in the work area. Some of our excavators use backhoes, bulldozers, trenchers, and skid-steer loaders. You add to these our fleet of bins ready to be used for dirt disposal.

If you are residing in the Greater Toronto Area and nearby cities, call EMCO right now and let our friendly staff discuss our various value-for-money excavation services.

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