The demolition service of EMCO is based on principles of timely, safe, and accurate demolition. Accordingly, providing the highest level of customer satisfaction is the force that drives our business. From wall demolition and roofing removal to flooring removal and full demolition of home or commercial structures, our knowledgeable and professional demolition experts can get the job done correctly and timely.

Because here at EMCO, we do even the most complex demolition jobs no matter how tough and hard they may be.


No repair job can fix structurally weak or defective structures. By just fixing things up, you are simply covering the problem, not addressing it. Hence, replacing or building a new structure is the answer. However, you need to tear down the old structure first with the help of a demolition services company with proven experience and loyal following.

Make no mistake about it: a demolition job requires more than brute force. Sure, anyone can take a sledgehammer and bring down a kitchen wall, but how do you prevent damages to adjacent structures?

If you’re tearing down whole structures, you have to ensure you don’t injure yourself or anyone in the process. Risk does not only include falling debris, but also asbestos and other dangerous particles.


In this regard, it’s highly important that you only get the right people for your demolition services concerns. So read some of the reasons why you should hire our company for a demolition job:

Offering carefully planned demolition services. Before we take down something, we first create a plan. This allows us to look at and resolve the problem from all angles and guarantee only positive results.

Safety is at the heart of our every demolition project. EMCO demolition teams strictly comply with occupational safety and health as well as environment protocols. Before starting on any demolition work, our teams check and analyze every part of the building to be sure we’ve got all aspects covered.

For example: Asbestos check is conducted, and if asbestos is found, we bring in a certified asbestos abatement specialist to conduct the required work. Also, our demolition services do not begin until all necessary permits are obtained.

We do each project right. We treat every demolition service with utmost efficiency, whether it is a small structure removal or a full demolition of large, multi-story structure. EMCO likewise uses state-of-the-art equipment and tested methods to achieve our goals.

Mini bins and compactors are available for special orders, please call us for more information


EMCO does more than your average demolition services company. As a company with a long history in waste management, we can clear your site of construction debris, concrete, gravel, flooring material, roofing material, and even dirt, sod, and garbage. Materials will be sorted and, where possible, recycled. We can even help you secure permits for structure removal.


We understand that your time is valuable. After you contact us, we schedule a site visit so we could determine the cost of the project and accordingly provide you an estimate in a timely manner. We also cover everything in our initial bids so there’d be no hidden surprises.

We also recognize the importance of completing it on or ahead of schedule. However, there are some things beyond our control, such as permits and utility disconnects. At any rate, we always keep our clients in the loop so they won’t be surprised.

For more information on how we can help you, please contact the EMCO demolition services team today.

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