14 Yard

Emco offers a 14 yard container that is a great way for residential consumers to control any waste disposal and recycling. These small containers can be used for small construction projects to rubbish removal.
No mixing of any kind for dirt, concrete and asphalt. Each dumping material needs an individual bin for dirt, concrete and asphalt. Any contaminating material must be removed by customer before bin is removed. If these items are found after the bin has been dumped, a contamination charge will be applied to the customer’s account.


If you have carried out any renovation, demolition or construction work on your property or in your house, there might be some leftover materials like concrete blocks or even loose concrete. Concrete and fine gravel is used in various areas of interior designing, structural work and hardscaping and chances are that you will have a lot of leftover rubble. If you have entrusted the renovation or restructuring project to an interior designer, landscaper, architect or contractor, it becomes their job to dispose of the concrete waste.

But there might be times when you have taken up a DIY project or have just hired a handyman to come and work for you, disposing the concrete waste becomes your responsibility. Home Improvement projects can be very interesting and it is great to see your house taking on a new form, but dealing with concrete waste removal can be a hassle.


Most local divisions have waste management services. If they do not provide these, they will still be able to provide you with information about how you can go about getting rid of the waste. Many companies recycle concrete and the local divisions will be able to provide you with this information.

Once you have identified the place that you want to dispose of the concrete, you can call us to have it removed from your property. Emco Disposal offers the best waste disposal services and we handle concrete waste removal for you. There are a few things you will have to pay attention to before you call in for removal of the concrete:

  • Speak with the businesses/companies that are going to take the concrete from you. They will have some specification is terms of the weight and the size of the material and you will have to adhere to it.
  • Follow all the regulations of the company that chooses to take the material. There are times when the walls/ paving that have been demolished have been broken into large slabs. This might have to be broken down into more manageable pieces. Some companies might also ask you to bind the concrete blocks together.
  • Try to get a contractor to break down the concrete slabs for you. The thick slabs will have to be broken with an electric demolition hammer. There are specialized companies that handle the demolition work. Keep all the waste material ready before you call us for the containers.


We will carry the concrete waste to the destination that you need it sent to. You are required to ensure that there are no contaminants in the concrete. The list of contaminants is mentioned on our website

We also recommend that the customer be at the removal site during delivery of the containers and when we come for pickup. Emco Disposal offers professional, timely and efficient concrete waste removal in the Greater Toronto area and in the neighbouring areas of Scarborough, Vaughan, Brampton and Oakville. Call us on (416) 690-4311 for a quote today.

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